Since last March, work habits have changed a lot. With Covid-19 and health restriction measures, a large number of companies are forcing employees to telecommute. At first glance, staying at home is nice: no traffic jams, more flexible hours and time saved. However, working from home can quickly get complicated if you don't have all on hand. Cristal Spa gives you its best advice for teleworking efficiently and staying in great form!

We are getting ready!

With the arrival of autumn, the cold and the dullness, we are quickly tempted to stay in comfortable pajamas under a plaid... But big mistake! Although you are telecommuting, you have to prepare. Above all, don't forget yourself and dress up. Apply a slightly richer cream if your skin shows signs of dryness and put on an outfit! You will feel ready for the day!
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A clear workspace

Having a workspace is essential in order to delimit professional and private life. So, devote a space dedicated to your teleworking time, preferably quiet (without the children shouting behind or the television in the background) and bright. Have everything close at hand: computer, charger, notebook and water bottle so you don't get scattered. In this way, you will be serene and like in the office!

Good posture to avoid back pain

Sitting in front of a screen for a long time can cause muscle pain, and back pain is widely considered to be the disease of the century. The sedentary lifestyle of our jobs causes neck pain if we hold ourselves badly. Many are slumped, hunched over their desks and their shoulders tucked in.
To avoid these hassles, Cristal Spa suggests the right posture: adjust your chair so that your eyes are directly facing the screen. If you have a laptop, elevate it so that you are looking straight ahead and not below. For the posture, the legs and arms at right angles, resting on the armrests so as not to strain on the shoulders. The back is against the backrest, the chest slightly rounded to keep the spine straight.
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To be efficient all day long, we respect our working hours… but also our break times. So, we take the time to stretch our legs, go for a walk and take some fresh air for 5 minutes. In addition, it also helps reduce back pain.

And finally, we keep the social link!

One of the most important things is to keep in touch! You no longer go to work but nothing prevents you from going to lunch with your co-worker and friends or having a drink in the evening at the Hip Bar ;) And as mentioned above, don’t forget you! Take care of yourself and come to Cristal Spa to be pampered by our dear beauty therapists…