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The Group PVG is a family hotel group, which has been able to evolve and develop within its local eco-system. This local roots, which reflects a strong desire to act while respecting sustainable development, is based on 100% family shareholding that has remained intact since 1979. The Pollet-Villard family from Aravis cherishes its environment, particularly its mountains but also the Lake Annecy.


The Group 
PVG does everything it can to retain its employees and  its seasonal workers who represent 60 to 65% of the employees in our division mountains and around 25% of employees in our lake division. We also make a point of recruiting permanent employees locally.
Moreover, the Group PVG is proud to have in its workforce an almost perfect equality between men and women. This ratio was calculated on the workforce of 3 successive years from 2020 to 2022.



The Group PVG monitors its energy consumption monthly in order to be able to optimize its energy consumption according to its needs.

Our recent establishments, such as the Residence Les Cimes, heated by geothermal energy or the hotel Le Pélican, heated and cooled by a water loop, were built using the latest available technologies to provide the best possible insulation and consume as little energy as possible. They have also been designed and thought through in detail to take advantage of tools that limit resources.

The more energy-intensive historic buildings will undergo an energy renovation program spread over time, starting with the hotel Beauregard which will benefit from 2024:
- a roof renovation with sarking insulation
- a change of exterior frames for better energy performance
- replacement of external frames to improve energy performance
- changes to the central heating and domestic hot water systems with the installation of geothermal heat pumps

Every decision to change equipment or furnishingsis considered in terms of the benefit/cost balance but also taking into account the sustainability side of the change. If the furniture renovation solution is not chosen in the end, the hotels' obsolete furniture is either reused in staff accommodation or offered on a resale and donation platform.

Waste from the hotel and catering trade accounts for 10% of household waste production. Managing wastes is therefore a very sensitive issue for both the sector and the Group PVG. PVG establishments are all involved in the selective sorting approach, in particular with sorting glass, recyclable waste, but also cardboard which is compacted, compostable waste, cork and plastic caps, coffee capsules, batteries, bulbs and ink cartridges.

The Group 
PVG makes all its customers aware of the actions they can take during their stay and all their employees when they are hired but also throughout their contract.
Clean-up days  with employees are organized at end of season to collect rubbish and leave the mountains and nature just as clean as they were before the tourist season.


The PVG Group is an economic player that gives priority to its local economy working with local businesses and suppliers. This is a guarantee of quality and excellent after-sales service!