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Le Japon à l’honneur du Festival international du film d’animation 2019


Le Japon à l’honneur du Festival international du film d’animation 2019

Since the first edition of the Jica (Journées internationales du cinéma d’animation - International Animated Film Days) in 1956 up to today, the Annecy International Animated Film Festival has not only gained the heart of the people of Annecy but has also become a world reference within the Animated Film industry. This year, it brings back Japan in a place of honor and unveils a poster designed by Marseille illustrator Charlotte Gastaut.

What is the International Animated Film Festival ? 

This is an event that takes place during 5 days between June 10th to 15th and summons up the entire city of Annecy. In a unique setting, you will find outdoor film projections, discounted rates in the cinemas of the city to see or see again some animated movies; you can meet directors or get to know new talents. 

The International Animated Film Festival, for whom ?

This event is for all public. Some projections are free like those that take place on the “Pâquier”, others at reduced rates. Whether you are with family, friends, colleagues or even alone, you will be in the good mood of the festival and like children, with stars in your eyes!
Lovers and novices will become sensitive to the beauty of the art of animated movie. Professionals from the Animation industry are also invited to MIFA, the International Animation Film Market, to meet, sell and buy future blockbusters! 

Ask for the program!

The Country in the spotlight 

This 2019 edition honors Japan with its talented artists like Yôichi Kotabe (guest of honor), Yoshiaki Nishimura, Koji YamamuraThe event sessions: 

The event sessions: 

Exceptional previews in the projection rooms of Annecy at the only price of 5€! You will find the Toy story saga, Playmobil : the movie, Le Voyage du Prince, Bonjour le Monde, Spycies...

Outdoor projections

  • Friday, June  7th : Mary et la Fleur de la sorcière
  • Monday, June 10th : Interstella 5555
  • Tuesday, June  11th: Ratatouille
  • Wednesday, June 12th : Spider-Man: New Generation
  • Thursday, June 13th : How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
  • Friday, June 14th : The Frozen
  • Saturday, June 15th : Terra Willy - Planète inconnue
Other projections will be around Annecy!


  • The artistic epic of the Trilogy “Dragons” at the “Haras” riding school from May 11th  to 23rd , 2019
  • Behind the scenes of “Playmobil” at Courier Center from June 8th  to 18th 
  • «Cinéma d’animation : secrets de fabrication” at the « Conservatoire d’Art et d’Histoire »
  • Arte: Athleticus exhibition at the Imperial's Aviary from June 8th to 16th 
  • “Beast Animation, 15 ans d’animation fait main”  at  « Bonlieu Médiathèque » from June 11th  29th 

The VR dôme

This is the new place at the festival: the virtual reality dome which allows to discover a selection of animation works in virtual reality at the “Haras” riding school from June 8th to 15th. Free entrance and all public.

The autograph sessions

Go to the website of “BD Fugue Café” to discover the program of the autograph sessions of the big names of animated movie!
Good to know, Playmobil toys will be scattered throughout the city so feel free to share your photos on social networks, if you find one!
And for more information, visit the event website: Annecy Festival.