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Bowling but not only! Even more true!


Bowling but not only! Even more true!

Bowling but not only! Even more true!

In December 2017, PVG Group inaugurated Le Bowling, a new address that has since become a must in La Clusaz. This place of entertainment, open all year has favored the rapprochement between tourists and locals. In order to offer everyone a distraction that suits him, The Bowling whose base line is "Bowling but not only!" Offers four tracks for up to seven players, but also billiardstable footballdartsarcade games... And the Bowling by PVG is also sports broadcasting events, theme nights, Bar Snacking. In summary, a real place of life and meetings.

 New : an epic fresco

Project envisaged since autumn 2018, finally one year was needed to materialize the project.

It was during one of the "music evenings" organized at The Bowling during the winter season that Pierrick Charignon, Manager of the venue is put in touch, thanks to DJ Mister French Wax (Supachill) with Pupa and Icks.

"We were looking for graffiti artists who could offer us a fresco of an urban art style with an imposed theme: retrogaming. Our goal was to develop the new space of nearly 60 m² that we opened in early 2018 and which brings together our arcades." says Pierrick. What's better than a fresco retrogaming representing the heroes of video games of the 80s and 90s for that!

And who, more than the two developers and publishers of Japanese video games Nintendo and Sega to cover the walls of their respective mascot, Mario and Sonic. A third iconic hero,Link of The Legend of Zelda in pixel art is present, he was inducted into the San Francisco Walk of Game, in 2005 at the same time as Sonic and Mario.

 We also find other icons such as

The character of the most famous arcade game of all time, Pac-Man (originally Puckman in reference to the hockey puck) of the Japanese company Namco appeared in 1980; Ryu, the fictional character and main protagonist of the Capcom fighting game series, Street Fighter in 1987 without forgetting Aku Aku for connoisseurs, character appearing in the series crash Bandicoot edited by Sony, the only one to appear in all the games of series.

And among all these celebrities appears the centerpiece, the graff of the artists Pupa and Icks; Bowling La Clusaz appeared for the first time in October 2019!

In fact, the best is still to go and discover it by yourself... 62 route des Grandes Alpes in La Clusaz.

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