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The Advent calendar by PVG


The Advent calendar by PVG

The Origins of the Advent Calendar

The origins of the Advent Calendar are Germanic and appear as early as the 19th century.
Indeed, in Germany, to make children wait until Christmas, it was tradition to offer them a beautiful image every day.
Then, the idea came to hide these images in boxes so that the children discover the little surprises over the days themselves.
In 1920, the first calendars with windows are marketed then from 1958 the images are replaced by chocolate! It will be necessary to wait until the 90s so that they are appreciated and known by all.

The calendars of Advent today

Nowadays, Advent calendars are expected by everyone as the holidays approach: both adults and children!
There are some for every taste: calendars with toys, beauty products, tea, beer, spirits, jewelery or treats for our animal friends!
They allow you to have fun before the holidays and offer the brands a good visibility.
They also become the object of many DIY! Some families create their own Advent Calendar and add their own gifts. A great way to make your creativity work and to please others.

The Advent calendar by PVG

This year 2018 marks the first PVG Group Advent Calendar.
The goal? Have our establishments, our services and our know-how discovered and reward our community.
And our partners also lent themselves to the game to make you win prizes. We already wanted to thank Jean Lain Automobiles, Les Galeries Lafayette, Taittinger, the chocolatier Patrick Agnelet, the cheese maker Alain Michel, the Atelier du fleuriste, Afflelou, ESF La Clusaz, Sport Boutique, Yvette Périllat, La Compagnie des bateaux for their participation.
Curious? Visit our Instagram account  @groupepvg from December 1st to open with us, day after day, the boxes of our calendar and try to be the lucky winner!
We look forward to introducing you to the Christmas spirit by PVG.