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Bouquets of flowers helps us embellish an interior, they provide a feel-good factor and fill us with wonder. This constant enjoyment is explained to us by Jean-Michel Tournier, co-founder of the Atelier du Fleuriste in Annecy. With his partner in crime, Laure Métailler and their team, they design and create floral compositions for the PVG Group establishments.
Where does your love of flowers come from?
From the strong connection I have had with nature since I was a child living between Annecy, the Bauges Mountains and the Aravis range.
Where do you draw your inspiration from?
From decoration fairs in Paris, showrooms in Belgium—which help me keep up to speed with trends—from the world of fashion and from my travels. I’m a keen motorcyclist and whenever I see a beautiful spot, I stop to admire it and to take in the scenery. Creation is 80% about observation.
What’s your favourite flower?
The lily, with its linear, graceful stem and poppies and tulips, which mark the arrival of spring.
Are flowers synonymous with emotion for you?
For me they represent life, beauty and finesse. I’ve always enjoyed being surrounded by flowers. If I don’t have a bouquet at home I feel like something is missing. I sometimes go back to my shop to make myself a bouquet when we’re closed!
Where do your flowers come from?
We like to buy seasonal flowers from the Netherlands with the environmentally friendly certification label. It’s important to know how your flowers are grown and to ensure that they’re notcontributing to the destruction of the planet.

You provide flowers for hotels, 
restaurants and the PVG Group Casino, w
hat do flowers bring to these establishments?
They are part and parcel of the decoration, enhancing the interiors. They help everyone to feel good thanks to the atmosphere and fragrance they offer.
How do you choose the compositions for each venue?
We like the classic-chic style and that’s what we opt for at the Impérial Palace. At the Brasserie, we go for taller, more linear flowers; what I call impact flowers. At the Cristal Spa, we create more delicate compositions, to contribute to the relaxing atmosphere. As for the Casino, we make more exuberant bouquets, for an immediate “wow” effect.
Which flowers do you use to decorate establishments in La Clusaz?
Plants and flowers which grow at altitude, with pots reminiscent of stone to stay in tune with the mountains. We make modern bouquets to brighten up the wood.
Is the vase just as important as its content?
Each bouquet has its own particular vase to exalt the flowers even more. When designing our bouquets, prior to installing them, the starting point is the recipient. 
What’s the most important thing when composing a bouquet ?
Visualising the flowers and the vase and imagining the bouquet prior to creating it. 
Do you travel in order to seek inspiration
We love travelling because it enriches creativity. We take something away from each place and we reproduce visual experiences through the compositions when we get home.
What are the most beautiful places in Annecy and in La Clusaz for viewing flowers?
In summer, I’d say the town squares, along Avenue d’Albignythe Parc de la Mairie in Annecy and on roundabouts. The municipal authorities do great work. In La Clusaz, nothing beats a walk in the mountain pastures to admire the flowers, surrounded by gentians.